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30 December, 2022.

January 2023 eNewsletter

A note from our Executive Director

Thank You

Everyday we work with amazing people – both our staff and our clients – doing some really hard things. The work we do sometimes doesn’t have an immediate outcome and, on occasion, the outcome that occurs isn’t the positive one we’d worked toward.

In our 2021 year-end appeal, we asked for donations to help us create efficiencies in order to eliminate our waitlist. This past year, our staff was dedicated to that job. The waitlist had been as high as 500 individuals at points – 500 individuals seeking services, ready to do the hard work of building a healthier life. Today, our waitlist is well under 100 and we plan on introducing Same Day Access (SDA) in the coming months.

Your donations helped us achieve this incredible goal.

Your continued support will help us introduce SDA in 2023, allowing us to see individuals seeking to improve their lives and the lives of their families. With SDA we will be able to welcome, assess, and assign clients within 24-hours of their first call. We are excited to roll this new program out, a goal we began working toward over two years ago.

Everything we do together helps to build stronger lives and a stronger community. We thank you for all that you do, for your commitment to changing our world, and for the passion you have to make a positive impact.

Your support has a major impact on our organization, the lives of our clients, and the overall wellbeing of our community. Please consider making a donation to The Family Counseling Center. Online donations may be made here.

Our impacts and successes are directly connected to your donations, advocacy, and partnership. Thank you.

Best wishes,


Goal Setting Positively Impacts Mental Health

The impact of goal setting on mental health can be extremely positive. Studies have shown that individuals who consistently set and achieve goals have a more optimistic view of life, are more resilient when facing failures or roadblocks, and have higher self-esteem.

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Sharing our Stories

The Family Counseling Center has an amazing team of staff and board members who work daily to make a deep impact in the community.

Curious about the stories behind our team?

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