Why I Give

When asked about the importance of their gifts to The Family Counseling Center, this is what a few of our donors had to say…


“I give to The Family Counseling Center because my time there changed my life more than I ever could have imagined. I started attending a support group for survivors of domestic violence a few years ago after a bad experience. It wasn’t a fast change, and it certainly wasn’t easy but through my work with The Family Counseling Center, I developed greater self-confidence, a sense of peace and overall happiness. They truly care about the people they help and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. That is why I give.” – Judy


“Why do I donate? That’s easy… The Family Counseling Center taught me to believe in myself again. You can’t put a price on that.”Greg


“I give because I want to contribute to building a community where people in hardship and times of struggle have a place to turn for hope and growth… Somewhere to go and receive the help they need without judgment or fear. We all need that.”Riley


“I take great pride in telling people that I am a friend and supporter of The Family Counseling Center. They not only transformed the way I take on the world, but they gave me the tools to teach my children as well. I will be forever grateful for these skills and maybe my small monthly donation can help them help someone else.”Becca


“Simply put, I give to The Family Counseling Center because The Family Counseling Center gave to me.”Michael


“Including The Family Counseling Center in our estate plan is the one way we can ensure their services are available for generations to come. They are a community staple and we are grateful for the services we received and impact they had on our family. It is a simple, permanent way to express our gratitude.”Bill & Donna