Building A Healthy Community

The Family Counseling Center has always been focused on creating better lives for children and families in our community. That’s why we were founded in 1976 and that is the work we continue to do today.

We are Asking for Your Help

Your support, advocacy, and financial donations will help us greatly as we continue to fulfill our mission of providing superior care to our community, to your community.

Your donation will help us:

  • Increase our availability for Drop-In Services including at our Crisis Unit
  • Expand our community-based services
  • Create programs that maximize efficiencies in our system, allowing us to virtually eliminate our waitlist


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We Continue to Grow

In 2019, the Center began the largest project in our history – the expansion and renovation of our headquarters on Broadway in Gloversville, NY. We may have started with a handful of volunteer therapists in the basement of a local church but by 2019, we had grown to five locations, taking on new space as the need, our programming, and staff increased. The Board of Directors and leadership staff of the Center recognized an opportunity for change and better patient care.

Today, we are housed in a 27,500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility that puts client care and cross-program dialogue at its core. Our Events Center acts as a central location for community health events such as COVID-19 vaccine clinics, blood-drives, and more. Our team of dedicated therapists, medical practitioners, and administrative staff work daily to expand programs and create efficiencies that allow us to reach more clients.

COVID-19 has Made an Impact

The Family Counseling Center has seen so much change in its 46 years. We’ve grown, moved, built, and expanded our services. It’s been an amazing ride and we have learned so much about providing the best care possible to our community. All that knowledge and skill however does not compare to the ways we have had to adjust during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are beginning to re-emerge into a more normalized world, the impact of the last few years continues to reverberate.

The pandemic has left a wake of mental health issues that require enhanced services and new program options. It has meant a demand for services that is greater than ever before and it has increased the strain on community partners such as police departments, emergency rooms, and school systems as crisis incidents increase for both adults and children.

The pandemic has also meant nonprofits like ours have had to expand our services while working in an environment that has reduced financial benefits and supports.

We would like to thank our generous donors. Click here for a full listing of our Corporate, Foundation, and Individual donors.

Family Counseling Center is designated as a National Health Services Corps site meaning that it serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Your support allows us to turn no one away when they need services. Regardless of social status, income, or circumstances, we have open doors for those who seek constructive, professional, and confidential therapeutic help.