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10 September, 2021.

September 2021 Newsletter

A note from our Executive Director

New Year and New Skills

September always feels new – new school year, new season, fresh starts and lots of promise. For many of us, we’ve had to help our children adjust to the start of school in still-uncertain times.

Across the country, healthcare facilities have witnessed increased anxiety and mental health crises in children. Nationwide, organizations have been working on ways to help find productive coping mechanisms that relieve some of their worries.

In August, The Family Counseling Center’s Facebook page shared links to resources offering help to parents as they navigate the new school year. Our dedicated team continues to work with children and their families in session and in school settings.

This issue focuses on our dedicated Children & Family Services team and the work they’ve done to help alleviate some of the anxiety families and individuals have encountered over the last year.

As always, The Family Counseling Center is thankful to our community, our partners, our staff, and you for your support throughout the past year. Your advocacy and donations help us greatly as we continue to fulfill our mission of providing superior care.

Best wishes,

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Back-to-school advice for parents and children

The new school year can bring anxiety and excitement for both children and their families. Across the nation, healthcare professionals have seen an increase in anxiety, depression, and fear from children over the course of the pandemic. The Family Counseling Center has recognized a heightened mix of feelings from children in advance of the new school year and is offering some advice for area parents.

To learn more, please click here.

Staff Honored with 2021 Telehealth Innovator of the Year Award

Staff from The Family Counseling Center were recently honored with the 2021 Telehealth Innovator of the Year award by the North Country Telehealth Partnership, a program of Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization and Adirondack Health Institute. The award winning project was the organization’s establishment of a Warm Line, a peer-run support line for advice and guidance.

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Thank You to Our Donors

We are coming to the end of our Building a Healthy Community campaign but our need does not end with the completion of our building project. Please consider donating to the Family Counseling Center.

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Full details about the campaign and how to give available here.

A full list of our donors is available here.

CDPHP is a Valued Partner in Our Building a Healthy Community Campaign

CDPHP supports and promotes the health, vibrancy, and education of the communities they serve. The Family Counseling Center is happy to have CDPHP as a valued community partner in our Building a Healthy Community campaign.

Learn more about CDPHP here.