Building A Healthy Community


At any given time, some of your neighbors are having problems you can not see. The neighbor may be a young child or a whole family who needs help navigating life when stress, anger, depression, anxiety, or a crisis takes over. Whether their challenge is personal, related to school, within a marriage, or in jail

— if they are overwhelmed by managing their challenge, they can turn to a trusted community resource and explore healthy ways to get their life back on track.

Your support helps us deploy a team of professionals who deliver extraordinary behavioral health care to children, families, and adults. Right now, they are doing much-needed work in thousands of private counseling visits, within schools, at Nathan Littauer Hospital, and in the Fulton County Jail. Our Domestic Violence program keeps individuals and their children safe in volatile settings and helps mend a broken relationship or restart their lives in a nurturing environment.  Our Health Coaches assist people to navigate local resources like housing and food that meet their basic human needs and promote wellness and our Case Managers work with family units that are about to crumble to keep them intact and functioning.

The Family Counseling Center is helping thousands of your neighbors improve their mental health and well-being. We are Building a Healthy Community. 

We have grown dramatically since our founding in 1976.  From a few part-time, volunteer therapists working in donated space, we now have a staff of 96 who serve over 3,500 clients including hundreds of children. The demand for our services continues to increase and requires more licensed therapists and more private office space. What began in the basement of the First Congregational Church has expanded to our permanent home on Broadway and quite a few satellite locations, including four leased offices. Family Counseling Center is now ready to expand its programs, serve more of your neighbors, and consolidate its staff into one, larger space with ample room for new programs.

We know that everyone in the Fulton County region benefits when our neighbors are emotionally strong.

Help us with our campaign: Building a Healthy Community. Our goal is $1.5 M by the end of 2021.   

The campaign will result in a stronger and larger organization that meets the needs of the community.  The campaign will address a substantial waiting list, create new or strengthen existing programs, continue to serve those who have no ability to pay for services, and offer the community a centralized, state-of-the-art behavioral health center in our Broadway location.

With your support, we will be able to: 

  • Expand our current center by 18,000 sq.ft. to consolidate staff in one location and create meeting space for the staff and educational programs;
  • Continue counseling services for children within 22 schools across Fulton and Montgomery Counties;
  • Meet the counseling needs of those who seek therapy;
  • Launch a medically assisted substance abuse treatment program for 175 persons. We will build a small suite of offices and a lab to support this new program;
  • Construct a crisis de-escalation area with a separate entrance for the police and those in their control so that other clients are not aware of the crisis;
  • Continued therapy for those who are incarcerated;
  • Work with families and a system of care to keep them together with their children;
  • Maintain a mobile crisis team who can respond quickly when Fulton County children ages 5 – 18 need crisis management and post-crisis planning services to avoid emergency room visits or hospitalizations;
  • Continue recruiting licensed clinicians, psychiatric professionals, crisis intervention therapists, family peer advocates, health coaches and health care navigators, administrative and support staff;
  • Continue working collaboratively with Nathan Littauer Hospital Primary Care; 
  • Offer crisis management and short-term respite care for individuals whose social, emotional or behavioral issues place them at risk of hospitalization or out-of-home placement;
  • Continue serving those who need a domestic violence shelter and crisis hotline; 
  • Help patients with setting health goals and sticking with them.



On December 18, 2019, the Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc., (CDPHP) approved a $75,000 grant to the Family Counseling Center in support of the Building a Healthy Community campaign. This grant will be used exclusively in connection with the operation of the campaign. Thank you, CDPHP!




Family Counseling Center is designated as a National Health Services Corps site meaning that it serves all patients regardless of ability to pay. Your support allows us to turn no one away when they need services. Regardless of social status, income, or circumstances, we have open doors for those who seek constructive, professional, and confidential therapeutic help.