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7 March, 2022.

March 2022 Newsletter

A note from our Executive Director

Spring Begins

March always brings a rush of excitement and a sense of renewal. We open the windows to our homes to let fresh air in, smile up to the sky on a sunny day, and begin to make plans for the warmer months ahead.

In this month’s issue we look at two important topics that can far too easily be hidden from the light. February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month – a time to recognize, reflect, and reach out to the most vulnerable population when it comes to domestic and intimate partner abuse. We also take a moment to look at how “spring fever” can sometimes negatively affect our loved ones.

I’d like to take this opportunity thank you for all that you do to help us throughout the year. Your partnerships, donations, and advocacy for the work we do at The Family Counseling Center helps us to create positive impacts in the lives of our neighbors, friends, and community. Thank you today, tomorrow, and always for your support of The Family Counseling Center.

Best wishes,


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The Family Counseling Center recognizes Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

In February, The Family Counseling Center’s Domestic Violence Program worked with community organizations to promote Teen Dating Violence & Prevention Awareness Month. Though February is now over, the impact of dating violence in the teenage population continues. The link below provides background information and a list of resources for those seeking assistance.

Learn more here.

Advice on dealing with seasonal changes

As spring approaches, so too does our excitement about the coming possibilities and change. For some of us, the change in season can put pressure on our mental health. Carriebeth Epstein, a Clinic Supervisor offers advice on how to help deal with seasonal changes.

Read more here.


CDPHP is a Valued Partner in Our Building a Healthy Community Campaign

CDPHP supports and promotes the health, vibrancy, and education of the communities they serve. The Family Counseling Center is happy to have CDPHP as a valued community partner in our Building a Healthy Community campaign.

Learn more about CDPHP here.