“I am so proud of our staff. I am proud that they stick up for one another, advocate for one another and enjoy and are fully committed to the work that they do and their clients. I hear it directly from the clients and from reading charts and continue to be blown away with the level of talent in our department.”

“To me, The Family Counseling Center is not only about the wonderful clients I serve, it is a group of friendly, creative and accepting people that strive to work together to accomplish real goals. Our administrative team is always there to answer questions or provide support, whether it is through professional development training or on a personal level during difficult times. I have made lifelong friends working here, with both our newer therapists and those I’ve worked with for years!”

“When asked what I enjoy about my job, my mind always goes to what a great feeling it is to be happy to get up and go to work each and every morning. The Family Counseling Center is made up of wonderful staff whose beliefs, values, and hard work all align in an effort aimed at doing the best work possible to help our community and the people in it that we serve. The culture of our agency is one that you do not find very often. We are not just coworkers; we are a family. A family who supports one another, looks out for one another, and genuinely cares about one another. I feel truly blessed to be part of such a unique and special agency.”

“Fresh out of graduate school and though motivated, still unsure where I fit in the whole mental health field picture, a friend of mine reached out and suggested that I look into working at the Family Counseling Center in Gloversville.  Living in Albany meant this job would be a hike and it’s true; I probably pass at least 10 potential places to work in my field on my hour long ride here.  But the amount of pros that have come with this job have easily outweighed the distance con.  My interview with Michelle and Randee was an hour long and felt natural.  Though I was sitting with superiors and was striving to make a good first impression, their presence was warm which made it easy to converse.  Walking out of the interview, I felt empowered, inspired by these women, and positive that my professional journey in the mental health field should begin at the Family Counseling Center.  It feels good to know that when I walk out of my office that anyone can and will help me.  The environment that they instill at the Family Counseling Center is friendly, supportive, growth oriented and overall, simply human.  They expect your best work and acknowledge and are appreciative of how hard that work can be. I have felt so welcomed by everyone here and quickly recognized that feeling of family among the staff. It is nice to be a part of something so special.  I even discovered that I like the drive.”

“Our agency always puts our clients first. When there is a decision to be made, the first question is always, “what is best for the client?” If you are looking for a career that is satisfying, a career where you can go home at the end of the day and feel like you have made a real difference in the community, then this is the place to be!”

“Why I enjoy working for the agency? I’ve worked for many other agencies in the past and what stands out for me with this one, is the warm feel as you walk through the doors.  Staff are very personable and approachable.  You can tell they care about each other and for the clients.  It really feels like a family here.  I’ve been here for 7 years and I am very happy with how well kept the agency is kept with great thanks to Sandy and Jason.  The fact that we have an agency cat also adds to the warm feel here.  I really feel like I’m making a difference in my client’s lives and have seen more changes than in other agencies.  I enjoy working with Park Terrace school and love the fact that many of the kids have smiles on their faces when I walk through the door.  Even at the school, staff are very welcoming.  I tell new therapist when I first meet them, that this is not a “stepping stone kind of job.”  It really is a great experience, safe environment to work in and everyone really cares here.”  (which is rare to find and one of a kind)  I drive an hour to and from work Instagraming on the way at times due to my peaceful commute.  I drive by a farm each day and this is my de-stressor part of the day coming to work and leaving.  I once stopped for a baby cow on the loose who tried to climb in my car and go home with me.  I absolutely love this agency and see myself spending another 7 years here and then some.”

“For fourteen years, I have called The Family Counseling Center my professional home. Growing up in a small town I was drawn to the warm, welcoming nature of the agency. Every day I work alongside talented, dedicated and passionate staff. Working for years within the same agency has allowed me the unique opportunity to develop and maintain long-term relationships with clients and their families. The longevity of these relationships has helped me thrive as a therapist and fills my soulful bucket on a daily basis. Relationship building with clients is key to providing quality, effective treatment. It has also provided a unique opportunity to witness development across the lifespan and milestone achievements with families. I’m proud to be a part of an agency that represents a golden thread in the mental health community.”

“I enjoy working for The Family Counseling Center because “family” is not only part of our agency’s name, but it’s the “family” atmosphere among the staff that I enjoy! I know that there may be other employment opportunities out there, but I enjoy being part of an agency that does we do for the people in my community that I’ve lived in all my life!The Family Counseling Center is a great place to work because there is amazing work being done here and knowing that I am a part of this team, makes me feel like I am doing my part to make people feel better!”