Patient Activation Measure (PAM)

PAM measures an individual’s ability to manage their own healthcare, identifying where they fall within different levels of activation. These levels can range from completely disengaged to actively maintaining healthy behaviors.

With this program, we will connect you to your own primary care provider, health insurance enroller, home health care, legal and vocational rehabilitation services as needed. We assist you with referral, outreach and temporary transportation, tailoring the support and services to your individual needs.

Through goal setting, action step planning and one-on-one coaching, we work to promote your individual problem solving skills while focusing on improving stress management and coping abilities. We provide guided support in assisting to build a knowledge base, skill set and confidence level.

Once you are a registered program participant, your coach will administer the PAM survey.

The survey helps us to understand where you are in your individual healthcare needs and allows us to address any specific underlying causes and challenges while coaching you to help yourself. Ultimately, the PAM survey gives your coaches and team insight into how to more effectively support you on your health journey!

Check out the PAM survey here

If you have any questions, please contact Kathleen Calabrese, Children & Family Services Director.