The Family Counseling Center has always been focused on creating better lives for children and families in our community. That’s why we were founded in 1976 and that is the work we continue to do today.

In 2021, we worked with over 4,500 clients, many of whom are children and their family members. Our services include Mobile Crisis Counseling to schools in Fulton County, School-Based Intervention Counselors, Family and Youth Peer Advocates, talk therapy, and more.

This year, we are hoping to increase our reach to children by introducing best-practice therapy and social-emotional learning models through group-based therapy via the curriculum, training, and consultations offered by the One Circle Foundation. One Circle Foundation offers services to providers across the United States with research-based models that integrate motivational and strength-based approaches.

The First program we are hoping to introduce is called Girls Circle, a structured support group for girls and youth ages 9 to 18. Girls Circle helps to build resiliency and skills that help to increase positive connections, personal and collective strengths, and competence in girls by promoting an emotionally safe setting and structure where girls can developing caring relationships and use their authentic voices.

The Girls Circle curriculum will cost us $3,000 and we are asking for your help to raise the funds needed to purchase and launch this important program.

We welcome donations either through our website  or via our Facebook fundraising campaign.