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13 July, 2023.

Fun at Work

We believe that it’s important to have fun at work. 

Our staff deal with tough moments every day and the leadership of The Family Counseling Center has made it a priority to introduce balance and laughter in the workplace in order to help with work/life balance, burnout, and overall stress.

How do we do this?

Every month we have different options for engagement activities…many of which include food. From staff bar-b-ques to food competitions to watching our top leadership flip pancakes or whirl up milk shakes, we know that food is a major motivator. We also offer days that are full of games, yoga, and personal growth opportunities. All these things help make our office feel like our home in many ways.

But what is the reality?

The truth is, we just really like each other.

Staff sit out on the patio at lunch or curl up in our staff lounge as they type up notes. We smile as we pass each other in the halls and, well, we enjoy each and every one of our team members.

Curious about how you might fit into our team?

Check out the current job openings here.