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4 May, 2023.

From plan to action

In 2021, we began the process of looking ahead with the creation and development of our newest Strategic Plan. A Strategic Plan sets the overall goals our organization wants to accomplish within a three year span, providing the framework for our yearly planning and action. In 2022, the leadership staff of The Family Counseling Center began to translate our Strategic Plan into KPIs (key performance indicators).

What are our main areas of focus?

The Strategic Plan has four themes: Financial Excellence, Operational Excellence, Professional Excellence, and Clinical Excellence.

Financial Excellence

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, The Family Counseling Center has always worked on thin margins. The monies we receive from fees for services, grants, and the generous donations from our community members goes directly toward the running of our organization. Our leadership staff keep a daily eye on our finances and are always searching for ways to increase efficiencies, the ability to see more clients, and find new grant opportunities.

Operational Excellence

Our long history of work in Fulton and Montgomery counties would not be possible without careful attention to our operational integrity. As with any organization, the ability to have clear policies and procedures enables a flow of work. After 46+ years of service, it amazes us how little the community, professional therapists, and others know about who we are and the work we do. One major goal of our Strategic Plan is to increase awareness of The Family Counseling Center, the expert staff we have on-hand, and the culture of care we cultivate both for our team and our clients.

Professional Excellence

We cannot reach Operational Excellence if we do not take care of our professional staff. This includes opportunities for continuing education, professional development plans for supervisors, and opportunities for trainings. In addition, Professional Excellence is achieved by taking a close look at the engagement and satisfaction of our staff. Since early 2021, we have begun to increase engagement activities – including seeing Michael Countryman and Peter Lawrence slinging grilled cheeses, making waffles, and whizzing up milkshakes!

Clinical Excellence

From the beginning, our Clinic has been the heart and soul of our organization. In 1976, we began with seven volunteer counselors – today, we have nearly 60 paid professional and credentialed counselors, peers, and therapists on staff. Our focus is always on how to make the Clinic as efficient, effective, and impactful as possible. This includes the introduction of Intake Specialists, a role that allows us to more quickly onboard clients; transitioning them from the waitlist into clinical care.