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31 October, 2022.

Program Priority: Same Day Access

For the last two years, The Family Counseling Center has been working toward the implementation of a Same Day Access (SDA) program meant to reduce the wait time for assessment and admission into our Behavioral Health Clinic. This new program will work to create and maintain a better level of care for those seeking services, especially children and youth who are in the greatest need for our services.

SDA appointments are solely for the assessment and intake of patients. The purpose is to eliminate a waitlist, being able to see new clients within 24-hours of their initial call. Once clients are assessed and on-boarded into the agency, they are then put on a regular schedule with follow-up appointments.

Industry averages show that for every day a client sits on the waitlist, their likelihood of missing their appointment increases by one percent. Our average wait-time to be seen for an assessment has recently been around 3 months. In August, we hired two Intake Specialists – staff members that meet, assess, and on-board clients. The addition of the Intake Specialists, combined with the increased number of available therapists in the Clinic, have helped us reduce our waitlist from 500 down to 200 in just a few short months.

With these changes, our goal of implementing a Same Day Access program in 2023 will be realized. This change will allow us to work with more clients, helping them to advocate for a healthier life as they work on their overall wellbeing.

These changes could not have been possible without the generous support of our donors. Financial donations from individuals have been leveraged with grant funding from the New York State and other funding sources.