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23 November, 2021.

Look how far we’ve come!

Building updates and a look back

Over the last three years, The Family Counseling Center has been acutely focused on our major building and renovation project. The creation of a 27,500 sq. ft. space that can house all of our staff, provide a holistic approach to care for our clients, and welcomes the community in for events at our Events Center. It’s amazing to thing how far we’ve come – from site work beginning in March 2020 – to putting final touches in place by November 2021.

Here’s a quick look at some of our progress!


The vision created in 2019 of a newly expanded and renovated home for The Family Counseling Center.


Work begins in March 2020.


The entrance begins to be assembled.


Our front door begins to take shape.


And the addition begins to take shape too.


Interior framing


Hallway framing


The hallway comes along!


And look at that!


Staff moves into the addition beginning in March 2021 – one year after work began.


Staff office


Clients are welcomed to in-person sessions beginning in May 2021.


The Medical Wing begins to be framed.


And starts to take shape.


And is nearly ready to welcome clients in late 2021.


Summer days helped the work progress at a steady clip.


Our Events Center is nearly ready to welcome community members as well in early 2022.


Our logo greets all who come into the building.


As do our staff!