Behavioral Health Clinic

Provides counseling and psychiatric services to children, families and adults whose lives have been disrupted by emotional or behavioral problems and/or mental illness.


The Family Counseling Center is the only licensed children's Behavioral Health Center in Fulton County.


Using a team of Licensed Clinicians, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, a Psychiatrist, a Medical Doctor, Licensed Practical Nurses, Crisis Intervention Therapist, Family Peer Advocates and support staff, clinic treatment is individually developed, giving clients the tools to function more independently and productively.


  • A child who is troubled with depression and suicidal feelings may begin to feel like having fun again. He/she may begin to attend school more regularly, pay more attention to getting homework done and increase test scores.
  • Families who are living with histories of abuse and neglect may learn the skills needed to deal with their own feelings as well as their children's feelings and behaviors related to the abuse.
  • Adults who are experiencing economy-related depression may learn different ways of coping with their stress, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts due to today's struggling economy.
  • Not unlike many traditional health conditions, there is a strong well documented genetic link to mental illness. Similarly to most medical ailments, mental illness can be managed to minimize the negative impact it can have on our overall health and quality of life.


People do recover from many types of mental illness. People feel better and get better. The Behavioral Health Center has many success stories.


  • Some individuals are hesitant to begin clinical services, but once engaged in treatment, they are pleased with how much better they feel and how they are better able to make daily decisions for themselves and their families.
  • When a parent's own mental illness prevents them from getting out of bed in the morning, they will not be able to get their children ready for school, hold a job or take care of the needs of their family. Parents who begin clinical services discover the importance of following their own treatment recommendations so they can better parent their children.


The Behavioral Health Center has been designated by the Office of Mental Health as part of 'Child and Family Clinic Plus'.


  • This statewide initiative receives permission from the parent/guardian to screen children in Fulton County schools for signs of mental health needs. Identified children and their families receive a comprehensive assessment to determine what services are needed.
  • All Fulton County schools have been offered clinical services at their sites which become extensions of the Behavioral Health Center. Many children are seen at their schools, during school time, reducing the time lost by leaving school and traveling to the Behavioral Health Center.


The Behavioral Health Center has integrated mental services into the Nathan Littauer Hospital Primary Care setting for children and adults, working collaboratively to increase opportunities to improve overall health outcomes and help minimize stigma and discrimination.


  • The Behavioral Health Center receives referrals generated predominately by primary care providers that are affiliated with Nathan Littauer Hospital as well as individuals initiating services on their own that have a primary care physician that is affiliated with hospital.
  • To expedite delivery of the needs of the referred patients, the Behavioral Health Center's location is designated for Nathan Littauer Hospital patients only.
  • The referred patients are given priority as they are receiving both mental health and internal medical services under one roof'.


Access Services


  • To obtain services for their children, the parent/guardian of the child calls the agency and asks to begin the intake process or submit the request via this link and an intake professional will contact you the next business day.
  • Adults who seek services call for themselves.
  • The Behavioral Health Center accepts most insurance plans including Medicaid, Child Health Plus and Medicare. The Behavioral Health Center and its programs are licensed by the New York State Office of Mental Health.
  • Our Clinic is designated as a National Health Services Corps Site. As such, this practice serves all patients regardless of inability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered depending upon family size and income. You may apply for a discount at the front desk.


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